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The Effect Of Marketing On Increasing Sales


Marketing has become a great and high position in achieving the goals of institutions and in increasing sales, and advertising or marketing about a good or service for the organization is of great importance as an introduction to selling and promoting this commodity or promoting services.

Marketing is one of the policies that contribute significantly to the process of communicating with the organization’s environment, and we will present to you on our “ money makers ” a very important topic about the impact of marketing on increasing sales and these factors that work on the success of the marketing process and increase sales.

The effect of marketing on increasing sales

In order for the marketing process to succeed and achieve sales and even increase it, there must be a strong interaction between the elements of the promotional mix with the rest of the elements of the marketing mix.

The role and importance of the promotional mix is ​​in the process of providing consumers with all the information about the offered commodity.

As well as informing them of the benefits that will accrue to them when buying this product, and the completion of the purchase process, and there is a great ability for the elements of the promotional mix to attract attention.

And then the passion and arouse the interest of the buyer, i.e. the consumer, as well as convincing him of the products offered by the institution to obtain it.

In this context, major institutions develop a set of marketing strategies for them, and then choose the appropriate marketing and promotional means.

She has all this on the subject of the impact of marketing on increasing sales. Follow us to the end of the article.

Does marketing have a role in increasing sales

To increase sales by institutions and achieve the response that the institution wants to achieve from consumers, and to know which of these promotional means has a significant impact on consumers, the institution conducts a feasibility and statistical study.

Therefore, in order to get to know the type of audience to whom the service is provided and how to communicate with it well, the institution must also study the market well and the competitors also for the same commodity that this institution does.

In the end, the institution decides what promotional means have a greater reach among the audience and that have an echo in convincing consumers and increasing the percentage of sales.

The effect of e-marketing on increasing sales

The success of the marketing and product promotion process and the increase in sales depends on the extent to which national institutions apply and select the appropriate and accurate marketing and promotional mix that is appropriate and appropriate to the nature of the target markets.

As well as its ability to know the behavioral and demographic characteristics of consumers, and below we show you the most important factors for the success of the marketing process and increase sales, which are

  • Get to know the consumers well and define the target group.
  • Recognize the impact of promotional and marketing activities and the extent of consumers' response to them.
  • Experiment with promotional and marketing activities on consumers to see which methods have the most impact on consumers.
  • Collect the necessary data in a special book and study it well so that the organization knows through it what it will do to increase the percentage of sales and what is the method that will succeed in the process of marketing the product well.

Studies and statistics conducted by institutions in this regard have confirmed the effect of marketing on increasing sales.

The more correct and strong the marketing and promotion of the product increases, the higher the percentage of sales for the organization and the more profits it will achieve.

The impact of e-marketing on customer satisfaction in the telecommunications sector

In light of the great development in the information revolution and the world of technology, e-marketing has become dominating all business sectors worldwide.

Especially for commercial establishments, institutions rely heavily on e-marketing to achieve a significant increase in their sales.

And e-marketing in general is through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Linkedin, all of these are strategic gains.

It works on the success of the marketing process in the modern era, and one of the advantages of e-marketing is that it is not related to either place or time.

It is able to reach all consumers at any time and at lightning speed without permission.

The importance of e-marketing in the modern era

E-marketing has permanent successful results and achieves the goals of the institution in a short time, and these results are:

  • Developing after-sales services, where the organization can communicate with consumers by responding to their sales and communicating with them and knowing their opinions about the exhibited commodity or product.
  • The institution or company makes marketing offers, which enables it to spread as widely as possible on social networking sites, and the institution contributes to knowing consumer demands and fulfilling them.
  • Working on knowing the addresses of consumers and communicating with them quickly through social networking sites, shortening delegates and distribution channels, eliminating middlemen and reducing production and distribution costs.

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