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Programming language Programming languages ​​are a method of communication between a human and a computer, and it is defined as a set of commands and instructions that a programmer gives to a computer by writing them in a special language through input units and the computer absorbs them and thus executes the commands.

Types of programming languages 

Programming languages ​​are classified into two main types according to how close they are to human language, which are:

  • High level languages: This is the language in which the programmer does not go into the smallest details of programming commands. It has Java, and C-Sharp.
  • Low Level Language: It is the most difficult language to understand and use, and it is instructions and commands that the computer understands, and they are far from human language, so it is called machine language or low, and this type of programming language requires an interpreter or translator to translate The code of a program written in this language.


Java Language, thanks to its invention of programming language designer James Gosling during his work at Sun Microsystems in 1992 AD, it is one of the programming languages ​​that are used as a launcher for smart application devices, and examples of these application devices are interactive television, and it is indicated that the Java language is a method C++ language development.

The Java language can be defined as a set of commands and instructions or a language of communication between the programmer and the computer, and that communication is in the form of a written program depending on a word processor or a special editor, and the program in any programming language is in the form of successive lines, so that each line carries a command specified by the computer.

Java features 

The Java language has a number of features that make it the most popular and widely used language, including:

  • The Java language is easy to use and understand.
  • It is considered one of the supportive and entity-oriented languages.
  • It is uniquely easy to own and acquire.
  • It is safe.
  • It is one of the most widely accepted languages ​​for implementation and portability.
  • The Java language enables the programmer to add media to web pages, such as movement and sound.
  • It facilitates the process of writing games and programs.
  • Helps design software that can benefit from the advantages of the Internet.


java The programming language, as we mentioned previously, is easier to learn than any other programming language. The possibility of obtaining it from several different Internet sites, but it must be noted that the language needs practice and application.

Java language features 

  • Commitment to a set of rules for programming by objectives.
  • It is a language that has its own operating environment.
  • The programming language has a large and rich library of factions.
  • C and C++ are the basis of the Java language.
  • Taken from the Platformindependent operating system.

Java language learning requirements 

  • The Java Developers Kit, which is a tool created by the developers of the Java language, is considered the best among other programming tools, and the user can get it from the Sun Microsystems website. The text editor. 
  • This editor is used to start writing the program or the so-called program source. One of these editors is NotePad or NotePad++. Eclipse or NetBeans is one of the most preferred free development environments for programmers.

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