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Java language features


The Java language has many advantages, including:

1- A powerful language that contains many tools that help in writing the program. It also has the capabilities to reduce errors during execution and during translation into machine language. Also, the Java language can be used to program very powerful applications and programs.

2- It was able to avoid many of the defects of the languages ​​that came before it, as it is a modern language, and the most important of these defects is the possibility of direct access to the memory sites of the program, which leads to poor confidentiality of information and ease of destruction.

 3- Ease of learning (Java is simple), which distinguishes Java as an easy and simple language, as it was designed in a way that is close to human language, and the Java language designers did their best to facilitate learning, to maintain a formula similar to CVery popular among programmers, the concept of Object Oriented Programming is the basis of Java, meaning you can easily master Java if you learn it well. 

4- (Platform independent) The ability to run Java programs on any operating platform, meaning that a program written in the Java language can be transferred and run on another computer that has an operating system different from the first computer, for example, that contains (windows, Linux and others) without problems. 

5- The Java language is considered as the Object Oriented Programming Language, and it is based on it. 

6- A language based on the C++ language . When the Java language was created, the basis of its construction was one of the most famous and most powerful languages, C++, and therefore it did not start from where the others started, but rather where the others ended, which is the C++ language, and then adding the new in the Java language. 

7- It has a powerful Class Libraries. Because the Java language is based on the concept of OOP, it contains a powerful class library that provides most or all of the classes required for business such as dealing with files, databases, networks, holograms, motion, as well as dealing with the Internet. 

8- A language with a special execution environment. Java has the so-called (JVM) short for Java Virtual Machine, which acts as a virtual machine for executing Java programs. 

9- Multi-use (Java is Multi-Threaded), as systems that have been programmed in the Java language can do more than one job and operation simultaneously. 

10- Java has provided a large number of classes that save the programmer a lot of effort, including sockets and server sockets, which allow programming of network connections directly, and URL classes that allow dealing with websites and web services.

The Java language, like other programming languages, is not without flaws, and the Java language can be considered a relatively slow language. Speed ​​is an important advantage, but some features must be sacrificed to gain more important ones.


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