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Is e-marketing the future now



The e - marketing (in English: Electronic Marketing) the future of shopping at the present time; It contributed to changing the ways of buying and selling services and products. It relied mainly on the emergence of e-commerce, which helped reduce the apparent gap between the manufacturer (product) and the consumer, and was also able to achieve the satisfaction of a large number of customers; Because it provides many options for buying online , it is possible to define e-marketing as advertising and selling services and products through the Internet ; By using websites and e-mail. 

E-marketing evolution

The concept of marketing in general is adaptable and changeable to keep pace with technological developments; Therefore, traditional marketing did not remain dependent on customer demands divided according to market segments ; Because of the emergence of many variables such as advertising, products, distribution, and prices that aim to increase the market share, and the business of institutions, the development of e-marketing requires the presence of four variables: individuals, distribution, technology , and information , and all of these variables are means of developing a new offer or attracting New clients.

E-marketing aims by relying on the use of technical technology to increase the profits of institutions, and to make an effort to achieve the personal needs of customers in an interactive and permanent manner, so digital developments made the view towards e-marketing equivalent to the view of traditional marketing, so the development of marketing until it became electronic on the following time stages: 

  • 1970: Marketing at this stage was interested in the offer, and its priority depended on meeting the internal needs of the establishment, and sought to achieve the principle of increasing the volume of sales.
  • 1980: Marketing at this stage was concerned with demand, and its priority depended on meeting the needs of customers, and sought to achieve the principle of marketing study, and follow-up communications in order to increase sales.
  • 1990: interested in marketing at this stage of marketing management, and the priority is to provide the needs of consumers, distribution network, and the collection of the value of total profits, and sought to achieve the principle of quality , and ensure the activation of integration within the distribution network, increasing the amount of sales.
  • 2000: Marketing at this stage was interested in activating the role of e-marketing , and its priority depended on diagnosing interactivity, and sought to achieve the principle of caring for customers and creating value for them, and was mainly concerned with keeping pace with technology, and improving and developing the quality of services and goods to achieve profits.

Email Marketing Features

There are many characteristics that distinguish e-marketing , the most important of which are:

  • Dispatching: the contribution of the Internet to help organizations to identify their customers even before the purchase is made; Because of the role of digital technology in providing options for website users to determine their requirements; By providing them with information about their desires and needs of purchases.
  • Interaction: is the ability of customers to express their desires directly to the institutions; Through their response and interaction with the marketing communications issued by these institutions.
  • Memory: is the ability of e-marketing to access databases that contain information about customers and their purchase dates; Which helps the organization that uses e-marketing to obtain customer information in a timely manner; In order to provide marketing offers to them.
  • Accessibility: is to provide customers with more detailed information about the institutions' products and prices, while activating the ability to compare between a group of products; Therefore, commercial establishments seek to develop their products based on the desires of existing customers, in an effort to reach new customers.

Types of email marketing

E- marketing is divided into a group of types, namely:

  • E-marketing directed to end customers: It is marketing that is concerned with the use of electronic means, and aims to reach customers.
  • Dual e-marketing: It is the marketing that seeks to achieve the objectives of e-marketing directed to customers, and e-marketing applied between institutions.
  • Government e-marketing: It is marketing that depends on the use of electronic means; In order to provide services to both business institutions and government institutions between them; Which leads to the benefit of all, helps to save time, and reduces the effort based on routine procedures.

Email marketing methods

The success of the implementation of e- marketing depends on the use of methods that help in this, the most important of which are:

  • Search engines: is to rely on the use of a special type of websites that contribute to providing stored information about all websites on the Internet, and help achieve the desired goal of e-marketing; Because it is an important source of attracting customers and a method used to increase the number of visitors to the website that contains the products.
  • Ads: They are advertising rectangles that come in the first place among the methods used in e-marketing, and they are one of the most prevalent advertising means on the Internet; Where many website users see it.
  • Electronic messages: is the reliance on e-mail in e-marketing; Many marketing officials are interested in designing email forms that contain many different and interactive designs for products in order to deliver them to consumers.

Disadvantages of email marketing 

There are a number of defects that negatively affect e-marketing , including:

  • There are no fixed or fixed costs for e-marketing; So it is difficult to predict or predict.
  • The necessity of having sufficient experience with individuals and establishments to use Internet technologies ; To participate in e-marketing.
  • E-marketing does not reach all individuals; Especially those who do not use the Internet or use little.
  • Easily making marketing mistakes while not ensuring the success of e-marketing.


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